28th August 2014
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Bonfires are great for so many reasons and there are a lot of blogs about them too; telling you all about how Rochdale's last bonfire night was full of fun and sharing news of upcoming events etc. Well just to light things up and be a little more colourful I thought a poem would better bring across my message of how awesome bonfires are. So Here I Go!

A Dark Night and Large Flame
the smoke fogs the silent air.
The crowd is dense, we're all the same
Waiting for the fiery snakes to snare.
Gathered together in Rochdale's Cricket Club
Another Annual Night to share
We make a rather fine community hub.
Soon our waiting comes to an end 
and a cheer erupts among the town's folk.
The charcoal sky makes shadows friends
and crispy fire logs beg a stoke. 
Singing voices bounce off the night sky 
The coloured sparks like glitter on blackness
As the fired Rockets fly higher than high
Before erupting into explosive nothingness.
The food lined tables are collecting ashes
Children giggling with mirthful glee
Families cuddle as the cold wind crashes
once the warmth of fireworks flee.
The night is ending and it's time for a toast
To the man who gave us a fun holiday
Guy Forks the doll is here to roast
and rise the flames not letting them sway.

And we watch in wonder as the bonfire rises
Once more before it's at an end and over
The night is full of mysterious disguises

And Rochdale embraces it all, like the most trusting Lover.

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