Bonfire Nights Out
8th October 2014
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Bonfire night is a great way to let your hair down, mingle with the Rochdale community and enjoy the fireworks. I think it's a beautiful night, when colourful lights and sparks fill the sky and everyones gathered around the bonfire to keep themselves toasty in the cold November wind.

Still, just because it's a celebration, we shouldn't overlook safety issues, especially if you're taking your kids out to enjoy bonfire night in a public event. Rochdale goes out of its way to ensure that these annual events are as safe as they can be but some responsibility does fall on individuals, parents and guardians.

Just a few quick checks and tips that you can easily see to on and before your bright night out with the family and friends.

1-Make sure those under your care are always in sight.

2- Keep small children at a safe distance from the fireworks and the bonfire.

3- Have a pre-bonfire talk, explaining rules, safety and possible consequences of thoughtless behaviour.

4- Agree in advance the times and places where you will meet up in between or at the end of the event.

5- Most importantly, make sure everybody is reachable, if you have phones ensure that they are not on silent and check them regularly.

It's always best to be safe than sorry! None of these will ruin your fanastic bonfire night in Rochdale but they will give you peace of mind which in turn will allow you to have more fun!

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