Bad Breath Got You Down?
2nd September 2014
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Calling all the people of Rochdale! Have you ever had bad breath problems? I know I have and my main problem was morning breath, YUKH! Bad breath can be a real problem especially for those of you in relationships, nobody likes to be kissed by stinky mouth do they. I was very worried when I got into a relationship, I always imagined being kissed awake by prince charming, but then there was the evil Morning Breath that stood in the way of my fairy tale wake up.

I am happy to say I have found a solution! It is very simple and I'm surprised that a lot of people don't know this. Apparently bad breath is caused by the tongue, not the teeth, so brushing your teeth might make your breath okay for an hour or so but that soon fades as the toothpaste's smell becomes less potent. 

My simple solution is therefore to brush your tongue with toothpaste! Make sure you buy a decent brand, most of the big brands are available all around Rochdale, in superstores and drugstores. Brush your tongue properly like you would your teeth, if you're doing it right you will gag two or three times and when you spit it will be all gross and slimy, this is a good thing trust me! Doing this at least once a day will solve your morning breath issues and most other bad breath problems. However if it doesn't the cause may be something more serious which you will want to go to the Dentist for.

Hope this little post helps all! Tell us your tips and tricks or if this has worked for you! 

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