Are your kids bored in the summer holidays.What can kids do in Rochdale?
9th July 2013
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Mum I'm bored! Is this the cry you will be hearing all too soon?

Do the 6 week holidays drag on for your kids? or are you lucky enough to be able to take a holiday.

I remember leaving the house in the early morning when we were kids and not returning till teatime, sometimes we would take a jam butty but most of the time we were too busy and came home starving.

We would ride bikes, have water fights with gang around the corner, (remember the old fairy bottles) the dens we would build in Healey Dell.

It was along time ago now but we were never bored. Do you think kids need more entertainment? is it because they aren't allowed to stray far from home as much as we were?

There probably are kids that still play out but if yours need something to do there is plenty in Rochdale.

Plan ahead and you could have a summer packed with adventures all around Rochdale.

Why not do a different park a week with a picnic and a football or bikes, Do you know about the bike track at the back of Queens Park. What about rolly polly competitions down the hill in Springfield Park .

Climb Knowl Hill and have a closer look at the windfarm up there.

Walk up the Roman Road at Blackstone Edge, that will keep everyone fit. 

For a more sedate and peaceful time what about booking the kids onto the arty crafty classes at Touchstones, They look great for rainy days.

Why not try fishing or a new sport, All the golf clubs have a junior section.

MBM Academy of dance and fitness  have a summer school on for dancers of all ages,

Whatever the weather there is always somewhere to go around Rochdale, We are so lucky to live so close to the countryside, lets not take it for granted. Check out the events and local guides for more ideas

Get out there and do something.

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