A cruise holiday.........Ex-UK or Fly Cruise?
9th August 2013
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You have decided to go on a cruise for your holiday, but there are so many to choose from how do you decide which one is the right one for you?

Maybe it's your first cruise and the number of cruises you can choose from is a bit overwhelming. One of the first choices to make is "should we sail from the UK or take a fly cruise?". Hopefully this blog will help make things clearer and explain the main differences between sailing from the UK and a fly cruise.

Sailing From The UK

There are many benefits to an EX-UK cruise (ex-uk is the term used for sailings that depart from a UK port) and we look at each one in detail below.

Ship Leaves From A UK Port

As the name implies, the ship departs from a UK port, most cruises leaving the UK depart from Southampton but your cruise could depart from Harwich, Dover or Rosyth in Scotland to name just a few of the other ports used.

No Baggage Allowance (within reason)

One of the big advantages of taking an ex-UK cruise is that there is no baggage allowance, within reason you can take whatever you like on board. No 20kg baggage allowance to worry about here, making sure you can get everything you want into your suitcase without having to worry about fitting in with the airlines baggage allowance.

Car Parking At The Port

You don't have to drive to the port, you may go by train or coach, but if you do park at the port drive up to the side of the cruise terminal where your car will be checked in, porters will take your lugagge from you as you get out of your car & the next time you see your luggage will be in your cabin, no need to drag it through the terminal & through customs. A driver will then drive your car to the secured parking facility.

No Airport Check In

There is usually only 1 cruise departing from the cruise terminal so the departure terminal & loungs has a relaxed atmosphere with just you and your fellow passengers waiting to board your cruise. Unlike an airport where there are thousands of people waiting to board hundreds of flights.

Your Holiday Starts As Soon As You Are On Board

As soon as you are on board your holiday begins. Most people will go to their cabin first of all but then go and explore the ship, have a drink or something to eat you will find most bars and lounges open as soon as you get on!

So now we know about some of the benefits of taking an Ex-UK cruise what are the benefits of a fly-cruise?

Taking A Fly-Cruise

Again, as the name implies a fly-cruise involves flying from the UK to the area where the cruise sails from and below we highlight some of the benefits that come with a fly-cruise.

Fly From UK Airport

You need to fly to where your cruise begins, with lots of airports around the country you can probably fly from your local airport to your cruise.

Airline Baggage Allowance

Just remember, if you are taking a fly-cruise you will be subject to the airlines baggage allowance for your luggage.

Get To The Cruise Region Quicker

If you are cruising in a destination that is quite a way from the UK such as the Caribbean then if you are flying there to start your cruise you will be see the Caribbean sun in a matter of hours instead of days if you cruised from the UK & sailed there.

Buy Flights & Cruise As A Package Or Add On A Pre or Post Cruise Stay

You can buy your flights and the cruise as a package from either the cruise line or your travel agent. But why not make the most of your holiday and add on a pre or post cruise hotel stay, 1 or 2 nights in a hotel before or after the cruise is a perfect way of sampling more of your holiday destination.

Ex-Uk or fly-cruise whichever you choose we hope you have a great holiday!


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