14 Tips for Taking A Test Drive
12th May 2015
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When you visit a car dealers to buy a new or used car, it is important that you take the vehicle for a test drive to give you a good idea of what the car feels like to drive and to identify any possible faults. 

RRG SKODA is the latest member on The Best of Rochdale and they are more than happy for you to test drive the car of your choice. 

Appreciating how difficult it can be to buy a new car, they offer some great tips to enhance your test driving experience and to make sure the car you like meets your needs: 

  1. Can you get in and out of the car easily?
  2. Can you adjust the seat and steering to make yourself comfortable?
  3. Are the instruments in clear view?
  4. Can you reach the controls easily?
  5. When driving, check your all round vision when reversing
  6. Take the kids with you – are they comfortable in the back?
  7. Ensure your car seats fit;
  8. Is there space for your shopping, luggage, sports equipment etc?
  9. Do the back seats fold down easily?
  10. Drive the car as you would normally;
  11. Drive on a road where you can overtake – this will help you check acceleration and blind spots
  12. Try going up a hill – how the car pulls up a hill can be revealing;
  13. Break hard to check how the car stops in an emergency;
  14. Try a similar car for comparison.

If you’re looking for new car or you fancy a quality approved used car, visit RRG SKODA in Rochdale – they offer a wide range of SKODA Cars, Used Cars and SKODA services.

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