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6th May 2014
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The papers have been full of research from America proving that the number one way of looking younger, better than Botox, fillers or a facelift, is to have a new smile. Not only can this improve the colour, shape and alignment of the teeth but can also give more support to the facial muscles. Being able to smile with confidence is a tremendous boost to self-esteem. says Dr Pam Coates of Waterside Dental Care .

These days there are so many different options for improving the appearance of teeth including whitening, straightening, dental implants, smile makeovers and dental veneers. Technology has improved so much that even patients forced to wear dentures for years can now have a fixed restoration using dental implants. In addition "Oralift" is a removable dental appliance that can stimulate and rejuvenate facial muscles. It is not only the colour of our teeth that show our age, but also the amount they have worn down that reduces the height if the lower face and makes us look older.

A new smile starts with a proper assessment of the problems that might have developed and a discussion of the options available to the patient. It's rarely a "quick fix" as it is essential that the gum health is good. Ideally the improvement of natural teeth would be the treatment of choice but the provision of veneers or crowns may be needed. It's important to realise that our teeth are in use every day of our life and they will experience wear and tear, just as a new car periodically needs new tyres and ultimate replacement, then the same happens with restored teeth.

A new smile can be life changing, so there is now no reason to feel embarrassed. Coupled with the nutritional supplement Juice Plus to give skin a healthy glow, your dentist really can be your favourite beautician.

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