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It is essential for all businesses to destroy documents containing confidential data securely If you need to dispose of confidential documents in Rochdale or have plastic waste to remove and recycle then Maxine Brown at MB Recycling is the person to advise you.

MB Recycling Consultants Ltd , based in Rochdale is owned by Maxine Brown, after years of experience in the plastics industry  she opened her own consultancy to guide businesses through the process of removing waste, whether it is plastics for recycling or confidential data documents which need to be disposed of correctly.


Securing Data Disposal With MB Recycling

When you or your business needs to dispose of confidential data, the importance of making sure that the data being safely, and securely is of the utmost importance. Having customers, information whether it is physically or digitally exposed is a risk that cannot be allowed. At MB Recycling, our goal is to offer our customers the most secure methods in keeping data secure and offering our confidential data shredding services for any kind of data.


Our services to customers and businesses

  • Security sacks to secure the confidential data,
  • Lockable security consoles that won't allow anyone into this data,
  • Wheelie bins to carry out your confidential paper or digital data,  
  • Hard drive destruction. The hard drive destruction is the most important to a business looking to retire an older computer in favor of a new one, and needing to make sure all the data on that older system is recycled and disposed of carefully and securely.


When all of this is concluded, we give you our customer a certificate of destruction, which you can keep filed and know your data has been disposed of carefully and securely.

In addition, at MB Recycling we offer businesses many different ways to dispose of paper data. Businesses create tons of paper data that contains personal data, and just throwing it away in the wastebasket is not an option. We are able to take your companies paper away, recycling it securely. Why just throw that printer's waste paper away, when you can call us throughout the Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, and Liverpool areas to pick up your paper.


Call us today and have your data securely disposed of, and have a piece of mind when recycling your paper and digital data today.


Plastics Recycling with MB Recycling

Approved by the UK Environmental Agency MB Recycling will advice you about all aspects of your waste and the most efficient way to dispose of it.

With strong links to established plastics recycler’s we offer a fast, efficient service when it comes to buying and collecting plastic production waste, packaging waste and other raw materials.

So if you have plastics waste such as PVC window frames and mixed bulky rigid plastics  please contact us to find out if we can help you with your waste.


To contact Maxine at MB Recycling please use the links at the top of this page.  


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