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There's a lot going on in Richmond, and if it's future events you're looking for, you've come to the right place. From the rugby match at Twickenham to cricket on the Richmond Green, you'll never miss another game. If, instead, you'd prefer a bit of culture, you might want to catch the Museum of Richmond's new exhibit or the latest show at the Orange Tree. Whatever your taste, we'll keep you well informed. If it's happening in Richmond, this is where you'll hear about it first.
Live Music and Concerts Events
Musical Concert by In Flagrante Choir
  • Thursday 29th November 8:00pm until 10:00pm
Christmas carols and other songs sung by the choir View event
Richmond Orchestra Fantasy and Romance
  • Saturday 1st December 7:30pm until 9:30pm
An evening of vibrant music, paying tribute to two distinctive 19th Century composers, Berlioz and Lalo. View event
Normansfield Christmas Carol Concert
  • Friday 7th December 7:30pm until 9:30pm
We’re delighted to be holding the Normansfield Christmas Carol Concert at Normansfield Theatre. View event
Barcarolle Choir Christmas Concert
  • Thursday 13th December 7:30pm until 9:30pm
Traditional Christmas concert featuring a variety of pieces and Christmas Carols. View event