You too can enjoy fresher, younger looking skin
4th January 2011
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There is something naturally youthful about a fresh looking complexion. It radiates good health, sparkle and confidence.


But what about when the signs of ageing start and Mother Nature is no longer our friend?


Dr Peter Forrester practices Cosmetic Medicine in Teddington and Esher. Says


Dr Forrester: “As we age, maintaining the skins natural vitality becomes more of a challenge.


The body’s natural substance Hyaluronic Acid that binds water and hydrates the skin starts to become less efficient. Your skin loses its plumpness, fine lines start to deepen and the contour of the face can change.


"A very safe and effective treatment to help counter these changes is Restylane – a Dermal Filler. Skillfully injected under the skin, facial lines, wrinkles and folds appear smoother, lips and cheeks can be enhanced.”


Natural, refreshing, smoothing


“Women who visit my clinic want to achieve as natural an improvement as possible,” says Dr Forrester. “What they don’t want is to look over enhanced – or frozen. Restylane will not immobilise areas of the face like Botox.


Instead it will add volume and rehydrate the skin – in a similar way to how the body’s natural Hyaluronic Acid works."


How can I be sure of a result I’ll love?


The secret to achieving a subtle yet significantly improved appearance is to maintain the balance of the face. Lines around the mouth can be the results of losing plumpness in the cheeks, so to just treat the lines alone would not necessarily give the best result. I look at the structure of the face as a whole, to achieve a very natural looking result.


Does treatment hurt?


A localized anesthetic is used for your comfort and the treatment duration is about 30 minutes.


What about side effects?


Immediately after your treatment it is normal for the area to be a little swollen. Occasionally localised bruising can occur but it will be gone in less than seven days.


How much does it cost?


Treatment varies according to how much work we do. Prices start from £350.


Dr Peter Forrester - Anti-Ageing Treatments - Richmond upon Thames

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