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17th June 2008
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We all know that for a business to succeed, every member has to perform well and that means have a good record of attendance.

The cost of staff absence is estimated by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) to be £598.00 per employee.

But as an employer have you considered the hidden implications when a staff member calls in sick?

How about the overload on remaining staff? Resentment, loss of motivation and resignation can follow; morale can sink, taking customer satisfaction with it& and bang goes your company profits.

Staff absence is inevitable: bereavement, family illness or an unexpected injury can happen to anyone.

The good news is: there s a fairly simple way to avoid this ending in crisis - an effective return to work policy is fairly straightforward to implement.

This does not mean forcing sick people back to work!

It s more about making a clear statement to any employees taking advantage of a system, whilst providing the best possible support for those who are absent for genuine reasons.

When an employee feels valued and treated with respect they are more likely to return to work as soon as possible, knowing their contribution is important or that an alternative way to contribute has been offered.

Once Line Managers ensure procedures are followed, you could be saving your business thousands of pounds each year& and that s enough to make the worry vanish at the first wave of a sick note.

Courtesy of SEJ Consultancy (UK) Ltd

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