Why you should exercise during pregnancy
1st September 2010
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Exercise during pregnancy is now becoming far more popular than the days, where mums to be were very cautious, perhaps over cautious, about undertaking an exercise programme in pregnancy.

As long as you enjoy a healthy pregnancy without complications you can also enjoy staying and being fit throughout your nine months!

To encourage you to get your pregnant body moving, here are the top ten reasons as advised by The Beez Kneez for incorporating exercise into your pregnant lifestyle.

1. Common complaints of pregnancy such as fatigue, varicose veins and swelling are all reduced in women who exercise.

2. Experience better sleep and less stress.

3. There is some evidence that weight-bearing strength exercises throughout pregnancy can reduce the length of labour and decrease delivery complications. See www.rcog.org.uk for further evidence.

4. You'll find it more natural to continue exercising after the birth of the baby.

5. Lowers the risk of coronary heart disease, osteoporosis and high blood pressure, colon cancer, perhaps breast cancer.

6. Maintain strength, tone and aerobic fitness ready to cope with labour

7. Control excessive weight gain and body fat

8. Lower risk of gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure)

9. Helps control lower back pain

10. Improves emotional well-being to help deal with and adjust to the physical changes of pregnancy.

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