Why Eye Examinations Matter
2nd November 2011
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My vision’s good – why do I need an eye test?

Your eyes are the window to your body. An eye examination isn’t just about how your eyes perform visually. It’s also about looking at the general health of the eye – that can reveal a lot about your overall well being.  


Prevention is better than cure

Conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts or high blood pressure can be detected through an eye examination and if caught early enough can be avoided – preventing future loss of vision.  An eye examination will guide you towards the right treatment.  


Computers, iPads and BlackBerrys

Spending hours online? Then a regular eye test is paramount – to check that both eyes are working together properly. Imbalanced vision can lead to headaches and tiredness.


Will my eyes look good in these?!

Glasses are a stylish accessory – as well as a necessity. And the choice nowadays is endless. We stock simple styles of complete glasses from £69.95 – to top end designer names such as Tom Ford, Oakley and Gucci. Our bright, airy showroom is unhurried - the perfect place for outstanding eye care and to choose your frames at your leisure.


This article is taken from the Winter 2011/2012 issue of Buy Local Richmond


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