Why BAA and the DfT are so backward?
8th September 2008
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logo.jpgWhile BAA is being threatened with breakup by its friends at the DfT and still considers its rivals being Paris and Amsterdam, other airlines are moving fast into new segments taking note of rail as an unbeatable competitor on short journeys and jet fuel price increase: Air France-KLM is reported to investigate running high-speed trains in 2010 in partnership with Veolia, Virgin Airways and Deutsche Bahn (link to article in French).

In the meantime, the Eurostar still stops at St Pancras, there's no official trategy for more high-speed train lines in the UK, Heathrow is probably the major international airport in Europe with no through rail link and the government has no strategy on how best to use the FIVE international airports around London or create a new one.

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