What do you do in the Winter....?
17th November 2009
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What do you do in the Winter….?

It’s funny really, but I have had two completely different jobs in my lifetime where that was the question I got asked the most.

The first was in my mid twenties when I had a complete change of life moment and cleared off to Greece for a Summer season to work for a Sailing holiday resort in the kids club. It mainly involved playing around either on or in the sea or pool all day and then having a couple of beers in the local town each evening.

As staff in the resort, we were expected to sit and eat dinner with the guests which was fantastic as I got to meet so many interesting people. After the initial hello’s the question was inevitable….

I used to sit there bursting with local information about the island we were on, bursting with information about the weather and wind conditions that naturally occurred in the area and absolutely bursting at the seams with hints and tips on Sailing and windsurfing to improve their holiday experience.

But people are funny, they like to find out information about each other and the question arose every night…. ” so David, what do you do in the winter….?”

Well, I had a successful courier business before I packed up and left for Greece, and actually had no plan for the winter, I wasn't even sure if I would go back to the U.K.

I just didn't know what to say….I couldn't answer them….In the end I chanced my arm and told them I was open to offers if they had a job going.

Now, 6 – 7 years later, I get asked that question whenever I go to a quote, which at the moment is about 6 times a week.

“So David,what do you do in the Winter……?”

Well now, I am bursting with answers:

  • Commercial Grounds Maintenance (regular as well as one off)
  • Block Paving and Driveway Cleaning
  • Selective and non Selective Herbicide Spraying (to kill weeds in car parks,
  • alleyways and pathways)
  • Rubbish and Waste Clearances (fully licensed)
  • Lawn Cutting and Care (all sizes)
  • Lawn feeding
  • Lawn aeration
  • Lawn Scarification's
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Leaf Clearances
  • Internal Communal Area Cleaning
  • Pure Water Window Cleaning (pole fed system)

From time to time I tell customers this story when the ask me “The Question”  

Then I often get asked if I miss it in Greece…

Well, no not anymore, I am very happily married and love my business that I have worked very hard for and love all of my customers. For some reason I tend to attract lovely customers.

It’s funny really how over time the questions stay the same.......

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