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8th July 2010
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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" – Hippocrates (called "the Father of Medicine.").

We spend so much time and sometimes money before we decide to buy a car, or a house or anything expensive. We do our research and find out what is the best product to get etc. However how many of us do this to what we put into our mouths?

After all, your body is the most complicated machinery. It is the best hospital you can go to but like all good hospitals, it becomes the best hospital only if the doctors working there are the best. In this case, the doctor is YOU. Yes you are responsible for damaging or healing your body. What you put inside your mouth is what is going to run your body. So does it not make sense that we should put good healthy foods, foods that can prevent or even reduce conditions like diabetes, cardio vascular diseases, hypertension etc?

A few weeks ago, many of the newspapers and the news came out with the heading:

"Up to 40,000 a year killed by junk food" says the health watchdog.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE), has demanded wholesale changes to the way food is produced and consumed in the UK. They say if the salt and saturated fat content in our foods is reduced, up to 40,000 lives a year could be saved.

So why the concern now? Why is salt, saturated fats, sugars, artificial sweeteners bad for us. After all, they taste great, some get depressed if they don’t get their sugar or their chocolates?

Well all these “bad” foods are like drugs. We get addicted to them. For example, Sugar works by stimulating the opiates in our brain, which in turn releases dopamine. Dopamine goes to our pleasure center in our brain and this is what gives us our “high”.  Studies have shown sugar to cause many illnesses including diabetes, weight gain, increase cholesterol, kidney damage etc. Sugar can also suppress your immune system. (It is a good idea to stay away from sugars when you are unwell. This then speeds the healing process).

Salt, is bad for us, especially if we suffer from hypertension and have kidney problems, since salt has the absorbing properties and this then results in oedema.

So what do we eat then? Well, studies have shown that cholesterol can only come from meat products (including fish) and that there is no cholesterol in plant based products. Certain nuts have a high fat content but this does not give rise to cholesterol. However it is recommended to eat only a handful of cashew nuts, almonds and walnuts a day. In fact almonds and Walnuts have been shown to reduce cholesterol levels in us.

So the best kind of diet, is one that is more fruits and vegetable based and less of the processed products, meats and dairy products. If one cannot give up their meats, cheese etc, I would recommend a 75% - 25% ratio of fruits and veg to meats, cheese etc.

The result: well most people find that they become more energetic, lose weight, lower cholesterol levels and a much  better control in their blood glucose levels.

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