Top Tips to Supercharge the traffic to your online video
12th October 2010
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INTERNET VIDEO use has grown over 100% in the last two years. Over that period, YouTube increased its market share from around 16% to over 40% and established itself as the 2nd most used search engine.


More and more businesses are catching on to the opportunities for reaching a wider community by using video on the web.


Videos can be tagged by keyword, thus increasing visibility and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). More and more social media sites are now adding video as an option allowing members to use the power of a visual medium to attract new customers.


And the growth of online video shows no signs of stopping as videos can now be viewed in High Definition.


There is no doubt that video is an essential business promotion tool, but just having one isn’t enough. You have to leverage its power by making sure people know about it and can find it.


Best Bits Media are specialists in creating professional videos and have worked with hundreds of clients helping them to get the most out of their video all the way from production to promotion.


They have 12 top tips to help you supercharge the traffic to your website by using your video.


1. Website: It may seem obvious but many companies forget to put their video on their web site. It’s a great way to connect with your customer and visitors. Video can help potential customers get a sense of you and your product or service.


2. YouTube: Load your video onto YouTube – it’s an excellent way of reaching more people as the traffic on YouTube is huge. It’s also an easy way for other people to recommend your video and pass the link on to their friends and colleagues.


3. Supplier Websites: Suppliers like to talk about their customers. Customers make great case studies that help attract new customers and show how the products and services have helped people. We all like to receive and read testimonials. So give your suppliers a testimonial and suggest they put it alongside your video on their website. It’s a good way for them to show that the testimonial comes from a real person.


4. Customer Websites: Ask your best customers if they’d be prepared to put your video on their site. For them it adds content and interest to the site and adds video to their site without them spending any money.


5. Blogs: Lots of people write blogs and many are constantly looking for new content. Offer them your video and a few written words to introduce it. Many will be grateful for the content and will happily promote it for you.


6. Facebook: Be sure to update your status to promote your video and add a link to your video to your profile. Also post a link on the Walls of those people whom you think would enjoy seeing your video.


7. Business Social Networks:  If you belong to a business social network like Ecademy, LinkedIn or Xing update your status to promote your video, email your contacts to tell them you have a new video and add a link to it. Also ensure a link to your video is on your profile. It’s a great way for people to see who you are and get to know you.


8. Mobile Phone: Load your video on to your mobile phone – you never know when an opportunity to show it to someone will arise! And it can make a great talking point at events if you have it ready there to show them!


9. Online Forums: If your video offers helpful advice then offer it in the relevant online forums, so people can benefit from your expertise. Give them a link to the video on your web site and it’ll drive traffic to your site.


10. Twitter: Be sure to Twitter about your video and ask others to as well. Make sure you add the URL to the twitter.


11. Yell: on-line directory Yell now allow you to load your own videos to your Yell site.


12. Press Sites: Increase your PR and public profile by posting your film to press sites – give yourself exposure by presenting yourself as an expert. Try these for a start:


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