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6th October 2008
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With roadworks in Richmond town centre having caused a lot of congestion on the roads, drivers have been using The Vineyard as a short cut by illegally driving the wrong way down this one-way street.

This has already caused a number of incidents and residents have complained to the Council and the police.

Last week the Council installed a CCTV on the No Entry sign at the junction of Lancaster Park and The Vineyard, to catch drivers driving illegally.

Commenting on the action, Sir David Williams, Cabinet Member for Communities on Richmond Council, said:

"We have put this rapid deployment camera in place to catch those motorists who are driving illegally.

"In recent weeks we have had numerous complaints from residents reporting dangerous driving - and in some cases aggressive behaviour - by those who refuse to reverse when confronted with oncoming traffic.

"Clearly it is only a matter of time before something really nasty happens here. I hope this camera acts as a deterrent, we will certainly be forwarding all footage to the police."

So any Richmond residents thinking about using this shortcut - Beware. You might suddenly become the subject of a photo and find yoursellf plastered on a local blog, as is the case with this guy:

vineyard-1.jpg picture by bestofphotos

Caption: Cllr Sir David Williams (in blue sweater) and Richmond Council CCTV Development Manager Keith Free at the junction, just as a FedEx delivery driver attempts to use the shortcut.

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