The Christmas card is still the best way to say Merry Christmas!
31st October 2009
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The Christmas card is still the best way to say Merry Christmas!


In 1843 Henry Cole published the very first Christmas card to wish his many friends a Merry Christmas and, according to a recent survey by TNS for the Royal Mail, a Christmas card is still the way most of us like to be wished a Merry Christmas.


Henry Cole had a 1,000 of his cards, designed by John C Horsley, printed lithographically (litho) and hand-coloured.  After he had sent them to his friends, he then sold the balance and so started the life of the commercial Christmas card.  However, it was not until the 1860s that mass production of the Christmas card really got underway, with designers vying for greater novelty each year.


Not only as individuals do love Christmas cards but as businesses we do as well.  According to the same survey, companies that sent their customers a Christmas card last year boosted their sales by a total of £1 billion.


Over half of the recipients displayed the card prominently, prompting a brand recall of over 20%, with almost two thirds of people then making a purchase.  Whereas over 60% of those that received a seasonal greeting by email deleted it immediately.


The research also revealed that 63 per cent of consumers preferred to receive seasonal greetings through the post rather than via email.


A Christmas card is the perfect way of receiving a festive greeting. Sending a Christmas card helps businesses reconnect with customers that have lapsed and thank current ones for their continued custom, leading to increased loyalty and sales.


So, if you want a simple, yet cost effective, way of increasing your sales in 2010, then why not wish your customers a Merry Christmas with a Christmas card?


Imperial Printers can help you choose the perfect card for your needs, either personal or business, from standard designs to the truly individual.  Just contact Mark or Peter, on 020 8894 2171, with any questions you may have concerning your Christmas card requirements this year.

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