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3rd March 2010
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Vineyard School at the top of Richmond Hill have joined a number of other schools across the country by introducing a walking bus for some pupils to get to school.

The children meet at a pre-aranged spot, where volunteer parents - on a rota basis - guide them on the 20 minute walk to school. The children all wear hi-vis vests and the volunteers have been given training in road safety with large groups of children.

For many parents I guess its a godsend as they juggle the usual chaotic morning routine, and from the school's perspective, they're ensuring the children are not only safe, but getting a bit of exercise as well. It also reduces the number of cars jostling outside the school, and has been sold by the Council as helping to keep parent's fuel bills down too.

Has your school done something similar? And how is it working  out?
We'd also like to hear about any other initiatives local schools have taken to increase the children's safety or exercise levels, or other green or eco schemes now in place to raise the pupils' awareness or help save money as well as energy.

Email us here at thebestof Richmond and share the ideas - you never know, it might inspire other schools and things could catch on!

Silas Van Der Bas

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