Tackling the workplace bullies!
30th July 2008
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Bullying, it seems, is not something that we leave behind us in the playground.

Recent research suggests that failing to tackle bullying in the workplace costs UK employers a staggering £24bn each year.

Most of us have probably encountered a workplace bully, without realizing it. Many bullies would probably deny the claim, if confronted, particularly as bullying may well be an outer symptom, suppressing another emotion such as fear.

For the bully, it's easy to hide the fear under the mask of appearing to be in control. Sadly, for this to happen, they tend to pick on black, minority and ethnic workers.

An estimated 200,000 employees considered leaving their jobs last year due to bullying. More disturbing, perhaps, is that 33.5 million days were lost by organizations due to bully-related absenteeism. So, it is surely time to look seriously on this subject?

Employers need to recognize the symptoms and develop a zero tolerance. Unfortunately the result, if they fail to do so, is that workers who both suffer from, and witness, bullying experience low morale, take more sick leave - or simply give up and leave their jobs.

In executive coaching, strategic development and stress management workshops, I often advise companies how to confront and re-balance this distressing issue. The results are proven: higher productivity, an increase in profits - and a happier workforce.

Call Richard Reid about stress management for business: 0870 446 4375 or e-mail at:info@pinnacleproactive.com

Richard Reid is the Founder of Pinnacle Proactive and a Counsellor & Stress Management Consultant. He has broadcast on BBC radio and been published in a wide variety of journals and newspapers, talking about his service.

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