Should two of Richmond’s wards be renamed?
14th August 2009
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What’s in a name? Well, according to Richmond Council, a great deal. So much in fact, that it wants to change the name of two of its wards in order to improve communication between councillors and their constituents.

The wards in question are Hampton Wick and Fullwell, and Hampton Hill. The Council has suggested changing the names to Hampton Wick and South Teddington, and Hampton Hill and North West Teddington.

The aim of the name change is to “improve democracy and transparency” in the borough, helping people to identify which councillors they should contact about issues in their local area and encouraging more residents to get involved with local life. The new names would also be more relevant to people’s addresses.

The Council is now asking members of the public for their opinions on the renaming. Letters have been sent out to community groups and local organisations, and notices have been put up on local noticeboards and in libraries.

A decision will be made at a meeting by the full Council in October. At least two thirds of the Council have to agree with the motion in order for it to be passed.

Councillor Stephen Knight, the Council’s Deputy Leader, said: “Richmond upon Thames is the best place to live in the UK, and part of the reason is that we listen to residents’ views about ways in which the Council can improve its services to become even more relevant to individuals, and how relationships with ward councillors can be strengthened.”

If you want to have your say on the renaming of Richmond’s wards, write to Electoral Services 2nd Floor, Regal House, London Road, Twickenham, TW1 3QB or complete an online form at

All comments must be received by September 11th in order to be considered by the Council.

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