Riverside jewel to be borough's latest open space
12th December 2011
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Community-led plans to create a new open public space, including a public square and gardens, on the site of the long-derelict swimming pool at Twickenham Riverside have been unveiled by Richmond Council.


The ideas have been brought together following extensive consultation with local people and businesses through the Barefoot consultation, the Twickenham Conference and the All in One process.


The project, due to start in the new year, represents the biggest step towards the fulfilment of the Council’s commitment to making the town’s riverside available for everyone to use and enjoy after three decades of indecision and lost opportunities.


The site will be cleared of 30 years’ worth of weeds, building materials and debris, to be landscaped into three sections: A simple grassed area immediately behind Café Sunshine, a park space in front of the old diving board, which will be kept as a memorial to the long struggle to re-open the site and the last, closest to the old changing rooms, would be paved to become a public square. The Council hopes that square will tie in to plans for the currently built part of the site that will be brought forward after further consultation in 2012. All three would be linked through a running pattern replicating the lanes of a swimming pool, linking to the site’s history.


An improved entrance to the site from Wharf Lane will be created next to the play area, making it easier for shoppers in King Street and Heath Road to find the site. Pride of place will go to a new feature commemorating the jubilee. 


The play area will be retained and bounded by a low hedge to keep dogs out. New railings and trees will be installed around the edges of the site for safety and to create ambience. 


The site is immediately behind the Secret Garden which faces the river, and which was opened up in January 2011. Once the clearance work is completed, the two will be linked by the removal of the hoarding at the back of the garden. 


Plans for the improvements, including an artist’s impression will be on display for a month at Café Sunshine, in the Civic Centre and on the council’s website. They include examples of the types of materials being used and the exact layout of the site, which people can comment on if they wish before the work starts. Further details will be made available shortly.

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