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9th August 2010
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In today's property market, there has been a huge increase in self-builds and home-improvements such as extensions and development.

It's often considered cheaper - although not necessarily simpler - to extend the houses we are already in, or to buy a plot and erect our own 'dream home'. No strangers to this habit in Australia, my brother in Sydney is doing just that - when the house they bought 2 years ago proved unsuitable to extend as they'd wished, down it came and in its place a new timber frame construction to their own specifications.

And if a complete new build is not to your taste - or budget - you could always do what my brother-in-law is doing, in extending their new house to fit their requirements. Bought as a project, they're moving bedrooms, building an extension, and generally bringing the house into the modern era - at a fraction of the cost of buying outright the size house they desire.

thebestof Richmond has several very reputable architects and designers at its disposal, all based locally and all recommended by local people.

Well stocked with architectural and design services, it certainly shouldn't be difficult getting the right advice in Richmond. Take a look at each of thebestof Richmond's Architectural Designer's features - you're bound to find a team that can fulfill your requirements.

Article by Silas Van Der Bas

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Silas Van Der Bas is a freelance writer and photographer with The Little White Studio.

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