Richmond - Fight Back Against Rogue Traders
9th August 2010
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Richmond Council have launched a new initiative advising local residents how to handle the recent increase in cold-calling, either from approaches on the phone or the doorstep.

Inscrutable traders cold-calling residents who then provide inadequate services for vast sums of money are apparently on the increase in the Richmond area. Advice seems to centre around not allowing yourself to be pressurised into signing them up before speaking to family and friends first, never giving out your bank details to there-and-then sellers, and knowing that any contract is cancelable for seven days.

All sound advice, but the best we can suggest at thebestof Richmond is to always use trusted service providers, based on recommendation and local experience!

Every Business Member on thebestofrichmond business directory has been visited personally by us, and the testimonials and reviews from other satisfied customers speak for themselves.

thebestofrichmond Business Members also know their reputation is what counts, and we are all working together towards providing excellent products and services with exceptional customer service.

Finding reputable traders on thebestof is quick and easy, with search functions by trade category and alphabetically by business name. We regularly champion favourite businesses specially recommended to us, and keep a close eye on customer feedback.

So our advice to avoid rogue traders?

Where possible Buy Local, research potential traders carefully, go by customer recommendations... and always look on thebestof Richmond business guide first!

Silas Van Der Bas

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