Richmond Council welcomes new Localism Act
17th November 2011
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Royal Assent for the Localism Act this week will give local communities in Richmond borough new rights to be involved in more affairs touching their localities and provide more protection for local community assets. 


The Act will also provide local authorities with more freedom to take action in the interests of their areas, reflecting the priorities of local people. It also opens the way to transfer control of Business Rates back to local councils which will give them more opportunities to promote business. Finally, it gives local people power to veto excessive Council Tax rises by means of a referendum.


Welcoming the Bill, Council Leader, Lord True, said: “This Council believes in transparency, consultation, public involvement and civic, local and village pride. So we warmly welcome the principles behind this legislation. 


“In Richmond, under successive administrations, Councils have sought to involve local people in decision-making and, more recently, this has taken a decisive step forward with our Barefoot conferences, the ground-breaking All In One survey and the direct involvement of local people in the development of ideas for the improvement of their localities across the borough. 

“We have already unveiled a draft Twickenham Action plan and plans for other villages and communities within the borough are at an advanced state of preparation. Over 15,000 people have been involved. People in Richmond and Twickenham, and this Council, are rightly recognised as pioneers in what I believe is a vital process of shifting power and influence from Town Halls towards genuine popular involvement in decisions. I hope we can continue to set the pace in this area.”


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