Putting Ideas in Employees' heads
8th July 2008
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Ambitious executives may want to run a mile from what they think of as the latest fad or new-fangled idea about having hypnosis to help with goal-setting.

Not so, for an increasing number of top professionals who regularly employ the services of a professional hypnotherapist to help them focus on their business objectives.

Heady thoughts...but evidence suggests that there can be a dramatic change of behaviour and that promotions rise as a result of the increased performance levels.

Gaining confidence and motivation in the workplace has the same effect on a businessperson as it does on a top athlete: it concentrates the mind to achieve optimum standard in a highly competitive environment.

Forward thinking companies now employ a professional hypnotherapist as a back-up to their regular staff development procedures and it is simply the norm.

Think about it...

Deep relaxation of the mind can allow people to experience something they would like to achieve or a level to which they wish to aspire. Only lack of knowledge prevents many companies and their employees from learning more.

As a counsellor and stress management consultant, I have been an advocate of this type of approach for a number of years; I frequently use hypnotherapy, to positive effect, in executive coaching, creative planning/strategic development and Stress Management workshops.

However, it is as well to note: a professional hypnotherapist should be registered with a reputable governing body.

Call Richard Reid about hypnotherapy for business: 0870 446 4375 or e-mail at:info@pinnacleproactive.com

Richard Reid is the Founder of Pinnacle ProActive and a Counsellor & Stress Management Consultant. He has broadcast on BBC radio and been published in a wide variety of journals and newspapers, talking about his service.

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