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3rd November 2011
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A Sonos wireless HiFi system lets you stream all the music on earth in every room. Start with one room, then expand anywhere to fill your home with HiFi sound. Play different music in different rooms – or the same music in multiple rooms.


There can be virtually no intrusion to your living space - no wires, no cables or unsightly boxes.  Set up Sonos players wirelessly and control all your music with free apps for your Android® smartphone, iPhone® or  iPad® or use the dedicated, fun to use Sonos Control.


Sonos is renowned for its elegance and simplicity. The beauty of Simply Sound & Vision is that you have the UK’s most experienced Sonos dealer on your doorstep. Located in Teddington you can come and see for yourself how the Sonos system works in their demonstration room and pick their brains at your leisure to help you choose the best system for your home.


Simply Sound & Vision take advice and support to a new level - whether you want to self-install, or let them do it for you. After sales support is only a phone call away.


How do Sonos Multi-Room Music Systems work?


Sonos works through your internet connection and router and will play digital music from many sources through a wireless network of ‘Players’ delivering a clear, accurate, HiFi sound. 


What are Sonos Players?


Sonos Players are small units, some of which are self-contained, that can be set up wherever you want to play your music. They are discreet enough to be easily tucked away in a cupboard or attic – or stylish enough to have on show. 


Can Sonos play all the music I want?


Yes! You can have up to 32 simultaneous streams of music. Play your entire iTunes library or stream music off the internet from services such as Napster and Spotify with their libraries of over 15 million tracks. You can also tune in to more than 100,000 free internet radio stations, podcasts and shows from around the world.


Can I stream music from my iPhone or iPad?


Yes, although Sonos is much more powerful than that and is capable of multiple simultaneous streams from multiple sources.


What about speakers?


You can choose from self-contained players with integrated speakers or use players that integrate with your choice of speakers. SimplySonos specialise in helping customers integrate audio discretely and seamlessly into their homes. 


How will I choose the right system?


Simply Sound & Vision help you. For smaller homes, the self-contained Play:3 or Play:5 can easily add the feeling of a fully integrated sound system to a room - and it’s a cinch to set up. 


For larger homes, a more detailed area by area consultation may be required. Simply Sound & Vision can advise on what kind of speakers best lend themselves to the room of your choice – whether discretely hidden ceiling speakers, stylish wall speakers or something more quirky for the patio. And then, if required, they can then install everything for you.


Is Sonos scalable?


Yes. You can start off with one player and build up from there.


And the price?


Sonos starts at £259 for the self-contained Play:3 and can scale depending on your demands.


Anything else?


For all the music you want at your fingertips there really is no better choice. And with the expertise of the UK’s most experienced Sonos dealer right on your doorstep ready to help, why consider anywhere or anything else?


This article is taken from the Winter 2011/2012 issue of Buy Local Richmond


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