Parker Pirates hunting for treasure!
30th July 2009
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In the Dragon’s Boat Racing, the Kingston Rotary Club event, held annually on the Thames at Canbury Gardens, near Kingston Bridge, the pirates at Parker Car Service couldn’t resist a roll on the high seas.


Sadly, they must have left their best men drunk, brawling and wooing the wenches back at the quayside taverns: The Parker Pirates, despite boasting about their sea-faring exploits, failed to win!


Hooked hands, patches, and wooden legs aside, their shameful woe was quickly put aside as they began to boast, instead, about the £350.00 bounty they raised for the Princess Alice Hospice. 

“We will be back next year,” announced Dave Weston, General Manager at Parker Car Service which is more used to transporting passengers safely on the highways. “Have no doubt there is much more Treasure to be raised.”


The event, which takes place annually on the 3rd Sunday of July, attracted 34 teams, bringing together businesses to get wet and have fun. Held in aid of a different charity each year, with 12 – 16 members per team, plus a drummer at the head, it is a popular day out for the family.


There are funfairs, stalls, shows and rides and a race every 15 minutes. Each team races 3 times and no training is required.”


Princess Alice Hospice in Esher, Surrey is one of the UK’s largest hospices and around £7500 is expected to be raised.


For more information on Parker Car Service and their team of non pirate drivers, visit:


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