Open Letter to Geoff Hoon and Gordon Brown on Heathrow Expansion
16th January 2009
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Thanks to Greenpeace, I will own a (small) bit of land right on the proposed Heathrow extension: check their airplot page.

I've also, and you should do the same, sent an open letter to HM's Government about this, here it is in full:

Dear Prime Minister,

Your government and the aviation lobbies conveniently forget to state that there are FOUR other airports around London when making the case to expand Heathrow.

An estuary airport would have been cheaper that T5 + T6 + a 3rd runway.
Finally, the economic case for LHR is based on un-proven assumptions.

Most major European countries have in the last 20 years:

* relocated their main airport
* invested in high-speed rail
* created multimodal nodes (air+rail)

During this time, we will remember your government was amongst those who sat on their hands...

Yours sincerely.

Read also: What if those who govern us had a long term view about strategic infrastructures?

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