New Year, New You - 7 top tips to lose weight effectively
11th January 2011
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There are numerous diets out there that claim to be THE answer for you and will get you to lose a stone in a week!

Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there that believe these outrageous stories.

We’re here to set you straight, tell you the truth and still get amazing results...

Remember we are all unique – we all have different needs – our bodies all react very differently. There is no one diet that works for everyone and calorie restrictive diets DO NOT WORK!!

So, let us make it easy for you this year...

Don’t waste your time with fad diets

Don’t waste hours in the gym with exercises that make little difference.

We’ll be updating you over the next few weeks with some great exercise and nutrition advice but to kick off the New Year here are a few sneaky tips to make your fat loss goals a lot easier to achieve:

1: Get to bed before 10:30pm

This is number one for a reason IT WORKS! Poor quality sleep and lack of sleep can be one of the main contributors to fat storage. When you go to bed too late (after 10:30pm) your hormones don't react in a positive manner. You can become insulin resistance and your body will really struggle to shrug off that excess fat.

So get to bed by 10:30 (at the latest) to make sure you get the biggest 'hit' of the hormones that'll help you get rid of body fat. A number of people believe that sleep was the NUMBER 1 factor in any fat loss program even ahead of diet and exercise!

2. Start each day with a handful of nuts

Nuts are not only a great source of protein and good fats- they help to balance out blood sugar early in the morning, meaning you're more likely to use fat as energy and can help curb cortisol, the hormone that eats into your fat burning muscle tissue!

Want to know more about the effects of Cortisol? Go to the blog:

3. Have eggs for breakfast

In a study of overweight individuals by Dr. David Ludwig at Harvard University, it was found that the group who ate a veggie omelette for breakfast ate 81% less the rest of the day than a group who ate porridge for breakfast.

4. Take more fish oil

Fish oil has many, many benefits to fat loss and overall health but its ability to switch on the fat burning genes and switch off the fat storing genes is second to none. Fish oil is also great for balancing blood sugar levels and reducing carbohydrate cravings.

5. Find a better multivitamin

A good multivitamin to help boost the immune system is vital in losing body fat. The stronger the immune system- the quicker you burn fat. A good multivitamin to help boost the immune system is vital in losing body fat. The stronger the immune system- the quicker you burn fat. (We can point you in the right direction with this)

6. Fire up your Butt Cheeks

90% of clients that visit our studios have 'dysfunctional' glutes. Meaning their buttocks don't work properly. This can cause all sorts of problems including: low back pain, knee pain, lack of pelvic control and this condition can actually make your stomach look bigger by causing the pelvis to 'tip' forwards, hence making your tummy stick out! Try this simple exercise:

7. Add salt to your water

When your body sheds fat, it releases toxins into the system, so make sure to drink more water, to ensure the body can then dump these toxins, along with excess fat! You may need to visit the toilet quite a lot when you up your water intake but adding a small pinch of  good quality SEA SALT can actually help your body 'hold on' and use more of the water than you drink. Meaning, faster fat loss


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