New Year, New Year
28th December 2009
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Okay I have to admit I'm not the best at keeping New Year's Resolutions. In fact I'm not sure I've ever kept any. Made a few, certainly. But no, not actually kept many, sorry any, as far a I can remember.

That's Number 1 sorted then: Keep New Year's Resolutions.

And Number 2: Make New Year's Resolutions.

If I'm not chronologically mistaken I need to tackle Number 2 first.

So. I'm a lazy tyke so I have not intention of traveling very far to achieve New Year Waybaloo. Which means it will all have to be fairly local to Richmond.

Bingo. Following a conversation last night with M'Lady in which she admitted she's never been to a show at Richmond Theatre. Having just looked the theatre online, I see they run theatre tours, so that's the first on the list, followed by a show for her birthday in February I think.

That's given me inspiration then. Resolution Number 4 is to research the delights of Richmond further. I've probably been wandering round with my eyes glazed over and missed LOTS of what this borough has to offer. Actually, if we invite more family and friends from out of town to stay over more often then show them round, we'll be forced to look at Richmond from a visitor's perspective, which is bound to throw up some gems I've previously taken for granted.

Okay that's me sorted - how are you getting on?

Silas Van Der Bas

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