Merry Christmas Richmond
22nd December 2009
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It's Christmas on Friday,
And I'm sure I'm not set -
I need to go shopping,
there's still presents to get.
We want a white Christmas
with sledging and snow
Then when it comes we're not ready,
And can't wait for it to go.
I've shoveled and dug
But my car's still snowed in,
I can't get to the shops
and I'm running low on gin.
But the tree is up
and there are logs on the pile
there's milk in the freezer,
we'll be okay for a while.
As for all the rest,
It'll be fine - here's the twist
I'll just write to Father Christmas
And add it all to my list...

Wising you all a very Merry Christmas, in Richmond and beyond!

Silas Van Der Bas

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