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4th November 2010
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As a business owner you may be questioning whether the continued value of Directors and Officers Insurance is needed especially if business is still slow following the recession:

A local Husband and Wife team equally owned a highly successful contract cleaning company. Everything in the garden was rosy, until the couple fell out and following a messy divorce; the suspicious wife accused her husband of deliberately mismanaging the company finances to distort the true worth of the business.

This is commonly known as a Director vs Director action and is on the increase as business pressures mount in today’s uncertain times.  On this occasion the total defence costs amounted to £75,000 and were recovered under the Directors and Officers Insurance policy.

Directors, officers and senior managers of businesses can be held responsible for a number of issues including:

·         health and safety

·         data protection

·         maintaining satisfactory accounts

·         fraud

·         negligence

If your business' directors or officers are found to have acted wrongfully and this gives rise to a claim, then compensation and legal fees will be covered by directors' and officers' liability insurance.  However, if the act was deliberate it may not be covered by the policy.

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