Make it a Green Christmas
1st December 2009
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Hopefully we'll all get something we wished for this Christmas, and in our case it will be a new microwave as I'm severely concerned the old one hasn't developed the ability to reconfigure molecular structure. (Maybe if I had another one I could perfect the art of matter transportation?)

So what do I do with the old one when Santa brings me a shiny new unit? I could chuck it in the bin, but then it'd only end up in landfill.

Last year, the good residents of Richmond managed to recycle 700 tonnes of waste in the Borough. That's 700 tonnes that would otherwise have filled up a big hole in a field where thrushes used to sing before the seagulls moved in. That's pretty impressive.

Richmond Council reckon we could manage more next year however, starting with thinking about what we do with any household items replaced this Christmas. Stuff still in good condition can of course be given away on recycling sites like Freegle/Freecycle or the Council's own network.

Apparently if we can cut the level of waste sent to landfill by two percent, the Council could save £100,000. That's also impressive.

Check out the Richmond Council website for full info about recycling in your area, particularly their Recycling at Christmas Guide.

Silas Van Der Bas

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