Local writer raises awareness of Asperger's Syndrome in Richmond upon Thames
29th July 2013
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As the number of diagnoses of people with Asperger's Syndrome (a form of high-functioning autism) increases, local writer 'The Girl with the Curly Hair' gets on board to help grow awareness of the condition. The Girl, who herself has Asperger's Syndrome, wasn't diagnosed until she was 23. Late diagnoses are very common for women, who are unintentionally very good at masking their symptoms and consequently end up suffering in silence.

The Girl has written a book about her experiences growing up without a diagnosis, yet always knowing she was "different" from other children. Asperger's Syndrome is undoubtedly challenging for those who have it, but it's also very hard for their family and friends. The Girl wrote her book and launched a Facebook page, aiming not only to help 'Aspies', but everyone else around them too. She strongly believes that more knowledge about the condition from both sides, i.e. the Aspie and their loved one, would make lives easier and more enjoyable for everyone!

The Girl would love to have a chat with anyone who has, or knows of someone with, Asperger's Syndrome. Please get in touch through the website or Facebook page.

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