Leaving your home empty for more than 30 days?
18th October 2010
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Is your property empty for more than 30 days?


Specialist cover

If you own a property that is unoccupied for more than 30 days at any one time you may need to have a different insurance policy other than a standard policy as most underwriters only allow up to 30 days for a property to be vacant.


Unoccupied at short notice

A property may also be classed as unoccupied if it is undergoing refurbishment or the owner is away for a long trip overseas.  Alternatively the property may be inherited and going through probate or perhaps bought at an auction and waiting for renovation to begin. 


Empty for commercial investment

If you are the owner of a property that is either a holiday home or are buying an investment property which through circumstances may be left vacant then this would also be considered unoccupied.


Temporary insurance cover

Unoccupied property insurance can be arranged for periods of 6 months or more with premiums from around £200 although if your building is vacant for less time then its advisable to talk to your insurance broker to see how they can help. 


Increased risk

When a home is unoccupied there is a greater risk as the property can go unchecked for water leaks and electrical faults. There is also an increased likelihood of vandalism from unwanted visitors. 


Legal requirement
Be aware of the risk of injury to people. The Occupiers Liability Act 1957 makes the owner of a vacant property legally liable for death or injury to visitors or trespassers to the property. According to the Act, owners owe a duty of care to ensure that premises are and remain well secured, particularly in preventing access by children. The correct cover is therefore an obvious requirement.


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