Kew to be London's first Plastic Bag Free Village?
16th May 2008
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The Kew Society is working together with local traders on a proposal to rid the Richmond Borough of Kew of plastic bags.

Following a presentation to Kew's shop-keepers in March, four of them volunteered to join a steering group with the Kew Society, to move this forward. Michael Glazebrook, the Kew Society's Chairman, has been on a fact finding mission to Modbury in Devon, Great Britain's first plastic bag free town. Modbury took the plunge last May when all the traders there pledged to ban the bag.

Kew now intends to follow suit.

Under the scheme, customers will be encouraged to bring a shopping bag with them. They will be discouraged from requesting a bag although alternative disposable bags will be available, made from paper or from cornstarch, which looks and feels like plastic, but is fully biodegradable and compostable. Disposable bag use is expected to fall by 90 per cent. The scheme has been labelled "Greener Kew' and posters are already going up in shop windows to prepare customers for the switchover, planned for July.

Said Michael Glazebrook "I have been very impressed with the commitment being shown by Kew's traders and their community spirit. Kew is a wonderful place and this move will make it even more so."

Kew Gardens has thrown its support behind the crusade. Its Director, Stephen Hopper said "Most of us now realise what a devastating effect these bags have on the environment. We will join with the Kew Society and local shop-keepers and stop using plastic bags in our own shops"

What are you thoughts?

Do we all support these concentrated efforts and favour going greener?

Should this scheme be introduced all over the Richmond borough and even further afield, across the whole country?

Or do some feel this is another needless inconvenience for the general public when arguably those most guilty of not respecting the enviroment, such as the major corporations, continually avoid being held to account?

As a keen recycler anyway i'd be totally in favour of this scheme being implemented throughout the borough as i've found, with certain supermarkets installing similar schemes in recent months, it's been no inconvenience at all and I cant say i'd miss seeing the staple plastic bag appearance floating down the River Thames, hanging from a tree or lamp post or simply blowing down the pavement. The less the better!

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