Keep our parks free!
8th June 2010
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We've touched on this issue before at thebestof Richmond, but it seems to have been refreshed as news, so we wanted your most up to date opinions - it might make a difference, you never know.

Richmond Council have apparently requested the Royal Parks to withdraw its planning application to install parking meters in Richmond and Bushy Parks. It seems the move has been prompted by indications from the new Government to overturn the plans to charge visitors for parking.

I love this quote from Cllr Nicholas True, Richmond Council Leader - very expressive I thought!
“I have asked officers to contact the Royal Parks to ask them to withdraw these applications. Given the expressed intention of the parties in the new Government to veto the planned charges, it is potentially a significant waste of officer time and political energy to now pursue these applications. If they do not withdraw the applications some might call it boneheaded bureaucracy and a blatant inability or unwillingness to listen to the verdict of local people
“Our beautiful parks need to be kept natural and free for all to enjoy and must not be urbanised. In particular the legacy of Messrs Bennett and Lewis of free access to Bushy and Richmond Park should be respected. If the Royal Parks do not listen to such obvious commonsense, then we will make formal objections as a Council.
“I have opposed the idea of charges ever since they were first mooted – and we do not want or need this dismal paraphernalia that go with them.”

So how do you feel about it? Would you add your name to a petition against the scheme? Let us know here at thebestof Richmond, either by email or by commenting on this blog article - we could help the Royal Parks in the right direction - that of public opinion.

Keep our parks free!
(Can you tell which way I lean?)

Silas Van Der Bas

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