Is your high street store open?
5th April 2012
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Marketing is a key activity for every business, telling your target customer base who you are and what you have to offer is critical to its success.


Organisations market themselves via numerous means, web sites, brochures, flyers and publication adverts, all with the aim to get people to contact them.


A scenario


You open your local paper and a large advert announces a new shop is opening in your high street and has an array of products that really interest and excite you.


You set aside next weekend to go and see what this company has to offer.


But when you get there no one answers the door, you try ringing the phone number but it rings continually or is engaged, you try again a little later and you are able to leave a message, but after a couple of days nobody returns your call.


How many times would you go back to that shop?


Well over 95% of the people I ask such a question, respond with “Never”


So why do so many businesses act in a similar vein to this high street shop? Its clear what the future holds.


How many companies know the following in a day or a week


  • How many calls were received in a day/ week
  • How many were answered
  • How many rang off without talking to someone or leaving a message
  • How are you able to capture the details of the people who did ring off and call them back
  • How much is each missed opportunity worth


A clear telecoms strategy is as critical to any business as its marketing strategy.


And the cost to implement a credible solution?


Well it can be significantly cheaper...


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