Is Buy-to-Let still an attractive option?
24th September 2010
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The UK housing market may be depressed at the moment, however people still need a roof over their heads and the lettings market can still offer opportunities.

The perceived wisdom dictates that as the market for selling houses declines, the rental market picks up, and while the past two years have not gone exactly to form,
  for the most part the rental sector in West London including Richmond Borough has continued to perform with London prices up 2% over the last year.

However, rental properties bring their own unique brand of issues – it’s possible that the tenant might lose their job and stop paying rent, or even damage a property without compensating the landlord!

Insurance can play a massive part in providing peace of mind for both tenant and landlord. It is essential for the property owner to have the correct
Landlord Insurance
and both parties need contents cover for any possessions.

It is not just the landlords and tenants who can lose out through such defaults - the middlemen or letting agents - can find themselves caught out too. But again there is
Professional Indemnity Insurance to provide financial security for the business.

So if you would like to find out more about insurance, give us a call - whatever your place in the rental chain.

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