How Not To Plan The Best BBQ
24th May 2010
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I think we can safely say that summer is finally here!
And as London and the South East basked in glorious sunshine this weekend, we had an impromptu BBQ yesterday evening, after spending a lovely couple of days with friends.

Somehow the unplanned BBQs seem to taste the best, and luckily we had some wonderful produce in to help this along.

Having been to V Thomas and Sons Family Butchers in Twickenham the day before, we had some delicious sausages and bacon. We also had some fantastic mince that went very well with some onion, fresh parsley and thyme, curry powder, oregano and an egg to create beautiful home-made burgers.

We'd also been to Sandy's Fishmongers in Twickenham on Saturday morning, so decided to barbie the wonderfully HUGE mackerel we'd treated ourselves to. Aside from those we caught on holiday last year, gutted ourselves and ate the same day, this was quite the most delicious mackerel I'd ever tasted - and I'm no massive fan of seafood.

To top it off, having taken delivery of our usual order from Friar's Stile Fruit and Veg in Richmond this week, we mixed up a simple salad with Chilli oil dressing.

Paddling pool out, nappy-free toddler having an accident on the trampoline, lovely BBQ - what a perfect Sunday evening...

Silas Van Der Bas

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