Holiday Nightmares!
5th June 2008
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Whilst Britain basks in a soggy Summer, I guess jetting off somewhere nice might seem the ultimate answer to combat the summertime blues.

Yet, after a week of sleepless nights thinking about boarding that plane, how many of you sit tight mid-flight, desperate for the thing to land? How does it stay up there, with all that weight on board?

What about that self-conscious thought of being on the beach, looking….well, fat? As for spending 2 weeks, cooped up with relatives, you may well be already getting shaky.

Well, did you know, lots of people book their longed-for holiday and then, instead of the first step being positive from the moment they start packing the suit-case, they begin to panic?

For these people, confidence about boarding a flight to an exotic destination with excitement isn't exactly a top thought, nor is walking along the beach in a brand new swimming costume without feeling self-conscious. The ridiculous thing is, it all seems so pointless and trivial to worry so much….and everyone else seems just fine.

Actually, you're far from alone: as a counsellor and hypnotherapist, a large chunk of my everyday case load at this time of year is about these very types of issues….and they're mostly quite straightforward to resolve.

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Richard Reid is a Senior Consultant at Pinnacle Therapy. He has many years experience as a Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Hypnotherapist both within private practice and working for a number of large organizations, including BUPA and the NHS. He has appeared in a variety of magazines and broadcast on BBC radio several times, speaking about his service.

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