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24th August 2010
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As you know we're all about Local, Local, Local at thebest of Richmond, so I was interested to find out that Richmond Borough Council have improved the way that Richmond Upon Thames residents can keep abreast of local issues before and whilst they are happening, and have their say in the outcomes - much better than just reading about the results in the local press, wouldn't you say?

From their current Homepage on richmond.gov.uk, you can access the Consultation Finder, which covers local authority issues both in planning stages, current consultations, and the results of completed consultations.

These local consultations are an excellent way to keep informed on decisions being made in your area - that may well affect you - and to register your opinions on potential outcomes and solutions for particular issues. We've touched on certain consultations in the past here on thebestof Richmond Blog, but the improved consultation pages on the Council's website make accessing the information much easier.

For example, you could register your opinions on current issues such as the revision of licensing policies within Richmond, covering "licensing of alcohol, regulated entertainment and late night refreshment", possible changes to the Council's policy on sex establishment and sex entertainment venues in the borough, and the proposed extension to the St Margaret's Estate Conservation Area.

Using the Consultation pages on Richmond Council's website is a great way to be involved in the decision-making that affects YOUR area and local authority policies - and hopefully make a difference in the outcomes.

It's your local borough, it's your Richmond.

Silas Van Der Bas

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