Have you ever fallen off a bike?
13th January 2011
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Have you ever fallen off a bike?

For some reason I started to learn to ride a bike when I was about 12 years of age. I remember my friend letting me use his bike to learn as I didn’t have my own. In his wildest dreams I don’t think he realised just how many times I would fall off or the subsequent damage to his bike. No matter how many times I fell off I was determined to succeed. After pretty much a whole day and with many grazes and bruises I finally succeeded.

Recently I was talking to someone who said they can’t ride a bike. When I asked why, she said she tried when she was younger but every time she fell off her fear grew stronger and stronger until in the end she gave up. What was the difference between us? Mental strength! I was not going to stop until I could ride that bike; no matter how many times I fell off, I just dusted myself down and got back on.

With unemployment in the UK passed the 2 million mark it got me thinking about all those people that had lost their jobs and how I could help them get back into work. After all without being flippant losing your job is like riding a bike, you need to get back on. Confidence is the key.

Living life lacking in confidence can sap your energy and make everything you do feel like hard work. But increasing confidence is easy and when you gain confidence it takes on its’ own momentum and begins to grow.

Here are some ways to become confident:

  • Get rid of any fear of failure
  • Model yourself on confident role models
  • Identify self limiting beliefs and remove “can’t” from your vocabulary
  • Develop a “can do” attitude
  • Your brain is like your stomach; if you feed it rubbish you will be unhealthy. Avoid watching depressing news or films
  • A positive attitude comes from a mind that dwells mainly on the positive. It can be only maintained through conscious effort.
  • You can see situations as either opportunities or failures. Choose opportunities.

I learnt to ride a bike because I believed it was achievable and I didn’t give up. I implore you not to give up in your job search and just keep getting back on that bike. Training can also help you get back on that bike.

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