Harvest Ball at Osterley House
22nd September 2010
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From tomorrow - Wednesday 29/09 - to this Sunday 03/10, Osterley Park House and Gardens is holding A Harvest Ball.

I always thought that the origin of the event, which celebrates the forthcoming harvest, was upon the sighting of the Harvest Moon. For those not in the know, the Harvest Moon is the last Full Moon before the Autumnal Equinox, which for this year would be the last Full Moon before 23/09. This indicated that there was no longer any darkness between the rising of the Moon and the setting of the Sun, thus historically farmers could continue working/harvesting (the harvest was brought in during Autumn) by the light of the Moon.

However, doing some reading on the subject, it seems that while one could celebrate the harvest, traditionally parties were held around the time of the Hunter's Moon - the first Full Moon after the Autumnal Equinox. Seeing as I'm pretty stumped by this, you'll probably see me on one of the days quizzing the staff.

Visitors are admitted from 12.00pm to 4.30pm each day, and are invited to see some of the main show rooms 'dressed and decorated' for an 18th Century Harvest Ball. To add to the atmosphere, the decorations include stunning flower arrangements, music and costumed 'guests'.

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