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2nd June 2010
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I've written before about the support services Richmond Borough Council's Go Green scheme provides for local businesses, but following a recent and very successful seminar at the end of May tackling the Monitoring and Targeting of a business' environmental performance, I'd like to remind you again.

The following is information taken from Go Green Richmond's own website press releases.

The basis of what they do is engage with the business community of Richmond upon Thames to improve environmental performance through a series of bespoke improvement processes.

An ‘Initial Environmental Review’ will look at current cost expenditure on energy, water, waste, purchasing, and transport with a report being composed listing suggested improvements and ways to save money. Once a specified number of improvements have been implemented they can look to include the business on their award scheme, a path to continual business development and an improved public image.

A further development to the initial review is a free in-depth specialist review, reports will give the business case for making environmental improvements so that a business can easily see the logistical improvements and cost effectiveness of recommended initiatives.

They also host a series of free to attend Training events and seminars. These events offer a great opportunity to learn from the experts and network with other businesses located across the borough.

Finally they have an in-depth and wide ranging series of tips and factsheets  available for reference, listing examples such as suggested environmental policies, energy efficiency loans and grants and sector specific guides to improving environmental performance.
What ever you find more important, tonnes of CO2, Kilowatt Hours, or pounds Stirling our program of business support will help you save.  
To get in contact or for further information please contact Liam Rock T: 020 8891 7842 E: liam.rock@richmond.gov.uk

Silas Van Der Bas

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