Getting Fit for the Summer
24th June 2013
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With the summer weather steadily improving, now is the perfect time to dig those shorts, sarongs and bikinis out of the wardrobe. 

But what of your body? Will you enjoy heading for the beach and exposing an untoned body? Are you really the shape you want to be?

If the answer to those questions is no, take the chance to stretch your legs and get moving. Here are a few ways to stay healthy and get fit over the summer in the borough of Richmond:

Take up Yoga

Yoga as a discipline has a range of health, physical and mental benefits - promoting flexiblity, reducing stress as well as increasing stamina and strength. It can be practicised by anyone at any age, and with a variety of different types of yoga now available it's never been easier to find a class to suit your individual needs.

Some of the best Yoga practices in Richmond include Urban Yogi, Richmond Yogashala,Lucy Potter Yoga, Anna Barnsley Physiotherapy, Pilates Plus and Physio on the River.

Enjoy a massage

Rather than undergoing a radical detox diet to remove toxins from your body, why not give your lymphatic system a helping hand with a massage. 

A lymphatic massage is proven to stimulate the lymph system to carry metablic waste products and toxins away from the body.

If you're interested in a massage, Richmond offers a number of options including The Cocoon Rooms, China Naturally, Physio on the River, Wolff Clinic, Beauchamp, Senshi ecoluxe Beauty and the Waldegrave Clinic.

Take up Pilates

Once dubbed "the exercise world's best-kept secret" Pilates has grown increasingly popular in recent years and is now taught in several forms.

Focusing on the "core muscles" of the abdomen, if your goal is a more flexible and toned body, pilates is perfect as it promotes both body strength and flexibility, encouraging the mind to control the muscles. The regime is also great at prevention and alleviating the symptoms of back pain.

There are a number of studios and practices in Richmond borough offering pilates classes. These include: Bootcamp Pilates, Pilates Plus, Annie Deadman, Richmond Physiotherapy, Anna Barnsley Physiotherapy, Waldegrave Clinic, Physio on the River.

Partake in a hobby

Exercise doesn't have to be limited to the gym, an exercise mat, rowing machine or treadmill. It also doesn't have to be a chore. You can keep fit and healthy and have fun by just partaking in a hobby.

If you're interested in attending a small and friendly dance class, with an emphasis on having fun and getting fit, why not try Lucy Potter Dance.

Alternatively, if you enjoy a few rounds of golf head down to Strawberry Hill Golf Club whilst Hampton Pool and Pools on the Park offer great venues to enjoy a swim in the summer sunshine

Invest in quality footwear

If you're looking to do more rigorous exercise this summer ensure you have a decent pair of trainers as preventing injury is easier than cure and recovering from a sports injury can be a painstaking process.

Mass produced sports shoes can only do so much in trying to cater for the multitude of foot shapes, weight differences and biomechanical anomalies.

That's where a specialist shop comes in - Foot care specialists Foot Solutions Richmond will fit you properly with stylish, comfortable footwear while addressing any potential foot problems.

Find a diet suited to you

With the UK as a nation declared as obese, it's crucial that we keep control of our weight and eating healthily is the first step in promoting weight loss.

If you feel you need help in losing the weight and support in keeping it off, why not consult weight loss clinic Weight Medics, in Richmond.

Their experienced team of doctors can help you make a permanent change to your eating habits.

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