Dive! Dive! Dive!
24th August 2010
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I met up with a very old friend last week - haven't seen each other for years, but whenever we meet up it's like it was only yesterday.

Apart from catching up generally on what we'd both achieved / failed at / missed / had / seen and forgotten about in recent times (delete as applicable), we talked about holidays past that we'd taken together.

My friend is a very keen diver, and whilst I never had the experience he possessed, we enjoyed a couple of fantastic diving trips in our youth. I haven't been diving myself in a dog's age, but thought again that I'd like to give it another go.

For good refresher courses that are fairly local, Friend recommended the London School of Diving  - who just happen to be thebestof Richmond Business Members -  who run everything from beginner's to refresher courses, qualifications for instructors.

 Based near Kew Bridge in Chiswick, W4, the London School of Diving apparently has excellent facilities on-site, including a heated training pool, modern classrooms and handy coffee lounge.

There is a London School of Diving Club and children's courses to wear them out, and the school also offer corporate events with a difference. In fact, I've just seen that they organise regular diving holidays overseas as well, which is even better.

So if you thought diving as a hobby was a pipe dream for far off seas, think again - it is possible to dive in London and still stay warm!

Have a look at the London School of Diving  on thebestof Richmond, and see what they have to offer.

Article by Silas Van Der Bas

Silas Van Der Bas is a freelance writer and photographer with The Little White Studio.

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