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9th July 2010
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For anyone who thought computer games were a complete waste of time, think again. The Wii, one of the most popular games consoles to sweep the UK's living rooms in recent years, has found a new fan-base at the Twickenham Intensive Day Centre.

Many of the visitors to the centre have a sensory impairment or disability, and have discovered new activities through playing games such as bowling, table tennis and quizzes (namely Who Wants to Be a Millionaire). In the last few months, the popularity of the games sessions has rocketed, and many visitors benefit from the activity and it also helps to improve their co-ordination. Apparently they are also thriving on the competitive nature of the sessions.

Gladys May, who is 87 and a regular user of the Wii, is reported to have said:
“I think it is great and really enjoyable. It is good exercise, which is something I can do with! It keeps me going!”
The centre, in Arragon Road, Twickenham, provides a range of services for people who need long-term therapy or support, rehabilitation or recuperation, for physical disability, sensory impairments or frailty.   As well as the Wii sessions, it is also one of the first in the borough to provide regular internet training to, enabling visitors to navigate the web with the help of staff and volunteers.
For more information about services at Twickenham Intensive Day Care Centre contact Chris Martin on 020 8487 5151, or email

Silas Van Der Bas

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